Sceptical of traditional notions of authorship and originality, Liz Tobin’s work questions the indexical nature of the photographic image through photomontage, abstraction and detournement. Holding a BA hons in Language and Media from the University of Brighton, Liz’s works focuses on the close critical reading of the visual medium, its arrangement and display. 

Utilising archival, found and original photography, Liz’s work explores themes around photographic truth, identity and displacement. Interested in the connection between loss and the physical object, her work includes the dismembering and reassembling of her own familial archive as an investigation of memory and identity, while other works seek to show the changing scenery of social housing. 

Liz’s current project is focused on the human impact of global distribution and the people on the fringes of society charged with delivering the consumerism we demand. Liz’s work is experimental, self-referentials and socially minded.

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